Wall·E Closing Credits, Revisited

This time last year, the Scene was lousy with posts about WALL·E, my favorite of which was James’ note about the closing title sequence. Now, via kottke.org, comes an interesting interview with the director and animator.

Quotes of particular relevance to the post linked above:

We landed early on with Van Gogh, Kevin had put WALL·E and EVE in this lush feeling Van Gogh and it felt to both Andrew and I that that was were we should end with the cards. It was a good depiction of the Earth’s vegetation fully back. We then worked backwards.

We didn’t want earth 2.0 to follow the same destructive path that forced the humans to leave the planet in the first place. We ultimately decided that we would stop our depiction of the re-civilization process somewhere before the industrial revolution. I think the last thing we depict is the discovery of electricity.

Originally we were talking about carrying the art history into the crawl with 20th century art – cubism, Pollock, etc. but then Alex and Scott Morse had the idea to design the crawl as 8-bit.

[Updated to include the first link.]