"The Great One"

In defense of Mark Levin, having fans like his must do strange things to a man’s ability to perceive reality. Check out this update on his Facebook page, where he simply says, “Frank Rich is a putz.” The comments that follow are about as weirdly sycophantic as you can imagine. “Yes he is Mark!” one man writes. “That is why you are known as the ‘great one’.” Lots of folks wrote LOL, as if his status update was a successful joke.

And my favorite comment by far? “LOL I had a dog named ‘Putz’ and always think of him when I hear that term,” a woman named Jennifer writes. “It’s hard for me to think of it as an insult since I loved that dog so much. However, I take it as intended and agree that Frank Rich is a putz.”

You can’t say he doesn’t change people’s minds!