Credit Where It's Due: Andrew Breitbart 1, Acorn 0

I’ve had my disagreements with Andrew Breitbart. I stand by them. But I must commend the gonzo journalism I’ve just seen at his new Web site Big Government, edited by Mike Flynn. Were a major newspaper to publish similar findings, the reporters would be favorites for prestigious awards. I doubt reporter James O’Keefe is going to enjoy those kinds of accolades, but he is certainly due credit for a shocking expose.

I’ll phrase this in what I take to be the way that would maximize Mr. Breitbart’s satisfaction. Imagine if he’d appeared on the Sean Hannity show and said the following:

ACORN isn’t just unfit for taxpayer funds — it is an organization so lax in its oversight that what goes on at some of its field offices would shock the conscience of any moral American. If a pimp and a prostitute walked into the Baltimore ACORN office, the employees wouldn’t just overlook their illegal profession. They’d openly help them to commit tax fraud, to conceal the smuggling of underage illegal immigrants from El Salvador to work as teen prostitutes, and to launder the money from that kiddie brothel into a political campaign.

I’d have mocked Mr. Breitbart if he’d made those claims. Others would’ve too.

In this case, however, we’d have been wrong!