Slouching Toward Nostalgia

When you’re young, pop music is your life’s soundtrack: It manages, connects, and gives form to your life’s little dramas. At its best, pop music actually achieves something similar to what Hallmark cards are supposed to do — it perfectly expresses how you feel. As you get older, pop music becomes primarily nostalgic in nature. You flip through old songs and remember what you did — and who you were — when you first heard them. Your MP3 (or CD or record) collection becomes less of a curated personal soundtrack and more of a photo album.

All of which is to say I saw the original members of Sunny Day Real Estate play an astounding reunion show in D.C. tonight, and I realized, mostly happily, that these days, my musical interests tend a lot more toward the latter than the former.

Also, Jeremy Enigk has an amazing singing voice. But when he talks, he sounds like a Jim Henson creature.