Surveying the Right

UPDATE: Link fixed. Sorry!

Given my recent work on The GOP Speaks — 26 entries now posted, and more to come — I found this survey of conservative Republicans fascinating, and consistent with the answers I’ve been getting from GOP county chairmen.

It is a must-read for everyone engaged in the conversation about the future of conservatism.

Especially noteworthy:

1) It is wrongheaded and counterproductive to ascribe ideological opposition to President Obama to his race.

2) Talk radio and FOX News are so tremendously influential among the most dedicated movement conservatives that it is creating an alternate reality of ill-conceived paranoia — those who regard this stuff as hilarious, amoral entertainment underestimate the harm it causes.

3) It’s time for the right to start dis-aggregating the entities that make up “the media.” Treating it as a single antagonistic collective working in concert to thwart conservative ends is rendering conservatives unable to understand reality. That even sophisticated if sometimes blinkered media critics like Andrew Breitbart fall into this trap is not reassuring.