5 Items, Zero Spin

1) My letter to Jonah Goldberg is as yet unanswered. Should that change, I hope the response reflects his genuinely held convictions, rather than his efforts to “do his part“ in the spin wars.

2) Johann Hari’s Slate piece on Ayn Rand is just the latest example of a journalist who writes about the extraordinarily popular author but it utterly unable to understand her appeal. Perhaps someone should figure out precisely why so many Americans regard her as someone with valuable insights. I’ll happily submit to an interview on that subject. Meanwhile see here for a smart Ayn Rand critique. (Via Rod Dreher)

3) This is easily the best piece on Michael Bloomberg’s re-election.

4) “If there were no War on Drugs, I sincerely believe that within a single generation, there would be no perceptible “crisis in black America,” and this book shows much of why that’s true. The War on Drugs turns whole neighborhoods against the cops—with no discernible benefit after more than 30 years.” — John McWhorter, recommending the book Snitch.

5) Aztec warriors, enamored by the iridescence of humming birds, sometimes contrived to outfit themselves in ankle length hummingbird feather coats, so that striding into the slanting sunlight of late afternoon they’d shimmer like otherworldly apparitions. How depressing that the most likely contemporary application of this knowledge involves pay per view “wrestling.”