Photo of the Day

That’s taken inside Aurthur Bryant’s Barbecue, a Kansas City, Missouri mainstay where we happened to go while the Chiefs were playing. Delicious food. The walls are filled with pictures of famous folks who’ve eaten there before: Jimmy Carter, Sarah Palin and John McCain, Steven Spielberg.

In that restaurant, the neighborhood that surrounds it, and several other places in the city, there is an empty feeling, as though you’re walking around a place that is past its prime. There are a lot of vacant buildings, a lot of available space, not so many people out on the streets. You’ll know someone who lives in a converted Nabisco factory, or down in the West Bottoms, where there used to be brokerage houses and meat packing, but now there are huge abandoned structures that host an occasional craft fair and a haunted house at Halloween.

Later today I’ll post some photos from Kansas City, Kansas, a far more desolate cityscape, and interesting in its own way.