Not an Avatar Threat, An Avatar Promise

The pop-cult polemicist in me is feeling terribly thwarted at the moment. TAS luminaries Reihan, Peter, and James have written the world’s most challenging takedowns of Avatar, a movie I quite loved and am prepared to write the world’s most challenging defense of, except that I am packing today and traveling tomorrow, to my parents’ house, a place where all mental processes slow to cryogenic status and all ambition drains into the cracks between sofa cushions. (At least my mental processes and my ambitions. My parents seem to function just fine.) Since I sort of specialize in out-of-date movie commentary, I shouldn’t worry about it and just write the thing when I get back. But Reihan, Peter, and James should worry. If I can emerge from suspended animation and remember some of what I wanted to say, I’ll be gunning for them.