The New Site on the Block

I’d like to welcome The Daily Caller to the Internet. I’ve been playing around on the site, and I’m impressed by how few glitches I’ve found. I’m glad to see that Caitlin Flanagan has contributed, this is the best piece I’ve seen from Andy McCarthy in quite awhile — why has the Obama Administration given diplomatic immunity to Interpol? — and this is an interesting piece on the “Napa Valley for marijuana” that could arise in California if the plant is made legal (though it seems to miss the fact that the crop won’t be worth as much once that happens).

I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that this SE Cupp piece is the most inane, poseurish, wrongheaded bullshit published by a movement conservative writer so far in 2010 — scare quotes around environment? — but it’s well edited (thus far I’m vindicated in my belief that THE DC would be more professional than the Breitbart sites), and overall I’m persuaded that I should keep coming back to see how The DC develops in coming weeks, presuming I’ll find worthwhile pieces to engage.

UPDATE: I’ve expounded on what precisely bothers me about that SE Cupp piece here.