— Though I’ve had a blog at True/Slant for awhile I’m going to be shifting more of my writing about conservatism and day-to-day politics there, and somewhat getting away from that sort of thing here at The American Scene. Presently I’ve got posts up on the pickup artist communityThe Weekly Standard mentioned me in a piece on that subject — and Matthew Continetti’s ongoing efforts on behalf of Sarah Palin. If you follow me here, I hope you’ll add my site there to your bookmarks or RSS.

— Thanks to everyone who has provided road trip tips — thus far I’ve hit Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, Roanoke Rapids, Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, Asheville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga, Madison GA, Charleston, Savannah, and St. Augustine, where I’m writing this post from a motel room. Key West is my southernmost destination. Then it’s up the Gulf Coast of Florida for the beginning of westward travel, interrupted by a trip up Highway 61 to Memphis. Further tips for places I’ve yet to hit are much appreciated!

— It took me awhile to get in the habit of reading Reihan’s blog at NRO, mostly because my Google Reader routine is pretty ingrained and I’ve been uncommonly busy lately, but now that I have gotten used to it I wish I’d done so sooner. If you’re interested in informed writing on policy it’s well worth your time.

— A cryptic question: if there is any hypothetical blog on sex, relationships, dating, marriage and family that you’d read, what would it be like, even if it were utterly different than anything now on offer? What might its name be?