The Wonder of Bloggingheads

Is there any other forum in America where David Frum and Glenn Greenwald could have a conversation as good as this one, wherein Glenn Greenwald makes a persuasive case that there is epistemic closure on the left, and David Frum acknowledges that George W. Bush probably did illegal stuff, moments after rethinking the wisdom of the Bush Administration’s treatment of American citizen War on Terrorism detainees? Cable news has taught us to expect that any conversation between folks as ideologically different as these two can only devolve into a shouting match of talking points, whereas actually what happened was an interesting, productive conversation that afforded the audience the respect of treating them like intelligent people. Or maybe you’re more interested in race in America — and in that case, you won’t find a more interesting ongoing conversation than the one between Glenn Loury and John McWhorter.

UPDATE: David Frum follows up here.