Honor Killings and The Press

I’ve been debating those subjects with Mark Steyn — if you click over to my latest post, links to the rest are provided.

I’m also putting up a half dozen posts a day at The Atlantic’s Ideas Blog. Please visit! It runs for another several weeks. After that you’ll see me back here a bit more for some non-political posts I am planning.

UPDATE: In comments, Mike Farmer writes, “I believe your campaign to bring down conservatives is causing a type of blindness which is morally selective and fails to express moral outrage over self-imposed limits to your discernment.”

Interesting, the assumption that I am engaged in an effort to “bring down conservatives” when my modus operandi is actually just to disagree publicly when a conservative writes something that I find to be wrongheaded or inaccurate. Imagine that I triumphed entirely in my exchange with Mr. Steyn — that I persuaded him of my position, that he issued a correction at National Review Online, and that his future efforts to draw press attention to honor killings proceeded from assumptions that I believe to be more accurate.

In what sense would I have “brought him down”? He would remain a well-paid, widely read writer. His success at effecting the change he wants to see w/r/t honor killings would be enhanced, not diminished. Forceful disagreements can leave even the loser better off. Discourse among professional writers isn’t a zero sum game.