TAS Authors Elsewhere

Over at Forbes, they’ve just posted my first effort at a weekly column I’ll be writing each Thursday. It is here.

James Poulos is doing good work over at Ricochet. If you haven’t checked it out, I recommend doing so.

Beyond his work at The Agenda, Reihan Salam has been doing TV spots on The Ed Show while Chris Hayes guest hosts. You can see him here, and read his interesting take on the experience in the comments. I actually think he is one of the most capable cable news guests there is when it comes to making actual substantive points in short format segments. And it’s great to see Mr. Hayes as host.

Text Patterns is one of my favorite blogs. Here’s a good post chosen at random. And if you missed it, my interview with Alan Jacobs is posted here.

If you read Peter Suderman’s feature on the CBO during the health care debate, this followup post will probably interest you.

Graeme Wood had a characteristically good piece in the June issue of The Atlantic.