Last Call for Free Stickers

Submit your favorite bumper sticker slogans today for a chance to win US$150 in free stickers from Sticker Mule. Four finalist will also receive US$50 coupons. There have been about a dozen great submissions so far, including:

“O’Donnell ’10: My Other Car Is Not A Broom.”
“Obama – out of my pocket! I can stimulate myself”
“Keep Fear Alive! Palin / Beck in 2012”
“Brown 2010: Haven’t I Been Here Before?”
“Vote Republican! It’s easier than thinking…”
“Prez sez $1T deficits forever; u think O’Donnell’s crazy”

See here for competition details. The five finalist will be announce tomorrow for voting, and the winner will be selected on November 3rd.

Can you do better?

UPDATE: Scene regular Replica Swiss Watch could very well be in contention with, “that’s was not a car! it should go on TV for promotion!”

UPDATE TWO: The Washington Post offers a few choice slogans from the Rally to Restore Sanity.