How Would You Get Rid Of Bad Teachers?

Take a look at this. And my earlier post, which looked at how difficult it is to fire LAUSD teachers. I understand there’s a gulf between my reaction to these stories, and the way that E.D. Kain, Freddie, and others process them.

Fair enough. But here’s what I’d like to know. If you disagree with my preferred system, where principals would be as free to hire and fire who they wanted as management at The Atlantic or General Electric or McKinsey or the Catholic school system, what’s your preferred alternative? Put more precisely, if you were king for a day, and could codify into law whatever protocol you wanted for firing allegedly under-performing teachers, what would it look like? Or to use Freddie’s preferred formulation, you don’t like my idea for getting bad teachers out of classrooms where they’re disadvantaging their students, and disproportionately hurting the most disadvantaged among them. Okay, fine. But then what? Tell me your solution.