Why US global hegemony is here to stay

Inspired by a Tumblr conversation, I wrote a piece on Business Insider explaining why US global hegemony is here to stay, and why that’s a great thing, not just for the world but for the US.

The problem with Ron Paul and other isolationists (and their opponents) is that they’re looking at the problem the wrong way and missing the forest for the trees.

They’re missing the forest for the trees because the part about America’s global military power isn’t the part that fights wars. It’s the much, much bigger part that doesn’t fight any war.

And they’re looking at it the wrong way, because people make it a debate about politics, when it’s really about economics.

And the economics part of the discussion is important because there is so much overlap between libertarians and isolationists, and this is where the vigor in the isolationist movement comes from.

In a word, libertarians need to come to grips with the fact that global trade (which they love) is only made possible by global American hegemony (which they think they hate).