Iron Chef Millman

To celebrate the festival of fried foods known as Hanukkah, we had a few friends over last night for a dinner party. The theme: eight days, eight friends, eight courses. Each course containing a singularly seasonally appropriate ingredient: olive oil.

Herewith the menu:

  • Appetizer: potato latkes three-ways: with matjes herring and shiso leaf; with apple-ginger compote and hot pepper preserve; with creme fraiche and trout roe
  • Soup: salsify soup with mushroom-leek kreplach and truffle oil
  • Salad: fennel and arugula salad with preserved lemon and white anchovies
  • Primo: risotto with gorgonzola and red pears, garnished with fried sage and an olive oil ice cube
  • Intermezzo: apple and celery granita topped with wasabi and olive oil and garnished with a gooseberry
  • Secondo: tuna steak poached in olive oil and fritto misto of endive and broccoli rabe
  • Cheese: array of Spanish and French cheeses served with a variety of olive oils, Marcona almonds, and dried fruit
  • Dessert: orange, almond and olive oil cake with olive oil ice cream

Recipes available as always upon request.