Noah Millman

Noah Millman used to call himself a “financial engineer” until Warren Buffett accused him of building financial weapons of mass destruction. In the wake of the explosion of said weapons, he has finally got the chance to start suffering and write that symphony (or, in Noah’s case, screenplay).

While his main home on the internet is here at The American Scene, he also blogs occasionally at the Economist’s politics blog, Democracy in America, and is very excited about his latest theatre-related blogging venture, Millman’s Shakesblog.

Noah lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son, neither of whom have any idea what he did for a living and neither of whom appear to have read any of his blogs.

Readers with comments too personal, too profane, or too potentially profitable to make public can email him at gideon dot blogger at gmail dot com. He is honored to be a part of the jazz odyssey that is The American Scene Mark II.