Drink and Food

If you haven’t been to Baylen Linnekin’s food blog Crispy on the Outside, get thee hence in short order. What better reason to drop by than the 75th anniversary of the end of Prohibition ? One beverage I won’t be celebrating with is new Miller Lite Amber, an apparent improvement (not hard to do) on the original. Fear not, I have nothing against American beer: I’ll be lifting a Pabst with all deliberate speed. Oh and fear not part two, for Crispy isn’t simply about stuff you put in your mouth; you can fly into a libertarian rage over the criminalization of taco stands in LA and the banning of barmaid banter in England. Final hot tip: like the layout? Thank Jerry Brito, the web genius behind Crispy, Unclutterer, Paperclippy, In Conversation, and Postmodern Conservative, and one of my favorite Earthlings.