Joe Biden: What's in a Name?

A quick summary of news coverage of the last few days:

Wednesday through Friday: Biden?Biden?Biden?Biden?Biden?Biden?

Friday night through Saturday: Biden…? Biiiiiiiiiiiiiden…..? Biden!!!! BIDEN!!!!!

Did somebody confuse Joe Biden with Destiny’s Child? Say my name, say my name…

Now that the announcement’s been made, it’s gotten even worse. The cable news outlets seem to have developed a debilitating case of Biden-Tourette’s: It’s the only word they know. Sure, it’s an almost legitimately big story during a very slow news week, but the coverage and analysis has veered between cable news’ two poles of blabber: obvious and insipid. There’s just not that much to say: Obama picked Biden; Biden said some awkward things about Obama that the campaign is hoping you ignore; they’re both going to run against McCain by running against Bush. (But be post-partisan! Kinda!) In other news, the sun will set tonight, and Wal-Mart plans to sell a lot of stuff the day after Thanksgiving.