Getting Your (Culture) War On

From frequent-commenter Consumatopia, posted as a comment on Freddie’s blog:

What’s particularly galling about the difficulties reasonable conservatives and reasonable liberals are having over discussing Sarah Palin is that this is all part of John McCain’s plan. Seriously. The whole point of her selection and her speech at the convention was to divide the country. Those cosmopolitan elitists hate people like us, so we should hate them back. That sort of thing. . . . [Palin’s] convention speech is the exact opposite of Obama’s “Little League in the Blue States, gay friends in the Red States.”

I could point out that, whatever McCain’s secret plan might have been, choosing Sarah Palin as such was not firing a shot in the culture war, but waving a flag. The first shots were fired by those attacking Palin, particularly when the attacked her family. The Obama campaign seems to have understood this from the beginning, to its credit.

But Consumatopia still has a good point. This election is about many things, and the whole “one nation” theme of Obama’s always struck me as more of a service to the Democratic Party than anything that should motivate me to vote for him. But if McCain wants to run on “we’re real Americans and they aren’t” then count me out. This was a missed opportunity to pocket the support of the crowd and reach beyond it. Good delivery, great zingers against the top of the ticket. But a missed opportunity nonetheless.