Who Will Save the Sun?

I often disagree with the editorial page of the New York Sun, but I still think it’s a great paper with one of the country’s best arts sections. So I’ve been rather worried about the prospect of it shutting down operations at the end of the month if it doesn’t find new funding.

Let me just ask what’s probably an obvious question: Isn’t this a job for Sheldon Adelson? If you don’t know much about Adelson, the best place to start is this recent New Yorker profile. But the short version is that Adelson, one of the richest men in America, has, for the past few years, been pouring huge sums of money into influencing American politics on a variety of fronts, always from a from a pro-GOP perspective, with a primary focus on its Middle East policies. He was (and may still be) the primary financial backer of Freedom’s Watch, an organization most famous for the ads it ran last fall urging continued support of the Iraq War. In other words, Adelson’s politics line up quite well with the Sun’s, and he’s clearly looking for a broad platform from which to influence American political discussion. The Sun isn’t cheap to operate, but from what I hear, it would be well within his reach, and it would provide him with exactly the sort of outlet he seems to be looking for. So how about it, Sheldon: Will you save the Sun?