Did Spike Lee Make a Tear Jerker?

Maybe! Also, as with Fight Club, the movie adaptation of Choke is better than the book.

I didn’t catch Eagle Eye, but Chris Orr did, and he’s got the week’s best opener:

If one were to take the typewriters away from Borel’s million monkeys and instead equip them with a film editing machine and copies of Enemy of the State, The Game, Live Free or Die Hard, WarGames, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Terminator, and Wall-E how long would it take them to produce Eagle Eye? A week? A day?

On a related note, I was discussing the widespread rabid hatred of Shia LeBeouf, whose name I can never spell without help, with a friend the other day. We agreed that it’s kind of nonsensical. As far as I can tell, LeBeouf is a reasonably entertaining, reasonably capable young leading man with an easy, endlessly shtick that will probably earn him 9 figures before he’s 40. This isn’t anything to celebrate, but I don’t really understand the venom that’s sometimes directed his way.