The Greatest Dance Sequence in History

The first seconds of this video are astounding. Every second is flawless. I’d like to highlight a few brief sequences, and then conclude with some potentially troubling geopolitical implications.

From 0:04 to 0:07, the men in red use their guitars as laser guns.

At 0:15 to 0:18 — a beautiful Hindu goddess, with a horrified expression, wails like a banshee, presumably at the blinding white brilliance of the crotch of the jumpsuit of the guy with the bandana, who appears to be the ringleader.

From 0:19 to 0:33, the dancing men twinkle-toe back and forth across the stage, hypnotizing the audience until

0:34, when the mischievous little Indian boy in the fresh striped shirt and corduroy overalls blows his whistle, at which point all hell breaks loose and, at

0:35 to 0:36 a middle-aged lady starts tapping on a bald man’s head as though it were a xylophone or drum

Then, at 0:39, a little girl in a purple dress does this amazing hip-shaking dance that lasts until around 0:44.

I just want to say that anyone who thinks India will not eventually rule the world is crazy. America has had a good run, and we’re going to do okay. China is big and there’s good reason to believe that China will become rich too. But no nation that waggles its hips this amazingly well can be kept down for long. Always bet on brown.