Bill Murray's Flowing Locks

For a certain kind of man, Bill Murray is more than a comic genius — he is a style icon. I recently saw a photo of him with his gray hair arranged in tousled shark-tail, and I thought to myself, “Man, I’m excited about having completely gray hair.” A friend then sent this clip of Bill Murray’s coiffure at its inspired best.

As it happens, Kingpin is also one of the top 100 films of all time. It is the third best film about Amish bowlers, after Amish Bowler and Amish Bowler II: The Quickening.

This seems like the right time to mention this inscrutable post that reader Maureen flagged for me on the “progressive conservative alternative agenda” being pursued by the grammatical renegades at popular youth-oriented blog Hipster Runoff.

I’m not sure if yall have noticed, but I HIPSTER RUNOFF is going to start pushing a ‘progressive conservative alternative agenda.’ I want ‘authentic family values’ mixed with ‘authentic altness’ so that we can strengthen or local scenes, & help every1 feel like they are part of a special movement that is bigger than ourselves.

The post gets stranger from there.

What can u do 2 make the world a better place?
R u going to make ur family a slideshow in Keynote for Xmas?
R u going to promise 2 make ur mom 1 bloghouse mixtape per month?
Are you going to go around town and hang up meaningful signs typed in Helvetty?
Now that Barry Obammy is Pressy, we have to do more to make sure that we r making the world a better place. If a black man can become President, then I believe every mainstreamer can become alt.

I can’t tell if the person writing this is a comic genius or an imbecile. I do think that there’s a lot in this manifesto that Rod Dreher and I would both find appealing, particularly the emphasis on household production.