His Initials are KSM

I was, as usual, nodding along with Ross Douthat’s description of the inaugural concert. Ross is always right about everything. His sense of the event – slightly amused, wishing it were not quite as it was, but in the end, a big-hearted acceptance of both the significance of the event and the patriotism of the crowd – struck me as just right. Until the put-down of Kal Penn.

Kal Penn is the great artist of our times. Kal Penn is the spokesman for a lost and wandering generation. Is there a mother in America who has not comforted a sick child with the tale of Harold and Kumar? Kal Penn, proud graduate of the Freehold, New Jersey Regional School District, is my homeboy, my guide to living, in short, my bodhisattva.

I plan to go down to the actual inauguration today, expecting to see Barack Obama, but hoping to see one Kalpen Suresh Modi.