Chris Webber is a devastatingly effective debater

Webber is articulate, aggressive, and focused. One of my comrades, a grizzled veteran of high school debate, sent me this clip, and he noted that Webber would have crushed him. Another comrade replied:

You know, I went into this clip very prepared to disagree, but I have to say, he really knows how to articulate an argument. And he has great facial and body language. The only counterargument I’d raise is that he squirms a lot when other people are saying things he disagrees with. You won’t see [Comrade X] doing that. He’s cool, so cool. And then your throat is cut and it’s over.

All of this is true. I’d love to see Webber debating Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee in a Republican presidential primary. Huckabee would use his charming preacheresque sing-song vernacular, and then Webber would dunk on him, thus crippling Huckabee with shame.