Animal Collective Is Really Popular

Have you heard the new Animal Collective record, Merriweather Post Pavilion, yet? If you’ve got hipsterish music-listening tendencies, or dabble in indie rock with any regularity, I’m guessing you have. But if you’ve missed it, somehow, let me urge you to find a copy pronto. It’s getting near universal raves, and I think they’re fully deserved. I’ve been an Animal Collective booster for a couple of years (I put them near the top of my 2007 best-of list), so I’m happy to see them getting the kind of attention and adulation they’re receiving. Still, I’m not exactly sure why this album is being hailed as a breakthrough. Is it really that much more accessible than Strawberry Jam? I sure don’t hear it.

But who knows what counts as “accessible” when it comes to quirky popular music? I mean, Kraftwerk draws huge crowds with fairly freakish stuff like this:

Why? I don’t know! It’s inexplicable!

But for the record, I think the song is pretty fantastic, even though I’m not usually much of a Kraftwerk fan. By the way, I recommend listening to the song as loud as your speakers will go. I think if I ever dress up as a robot for Halloween, this is what I’ll listen to while building my costume.