dethroning Manjoo

A couple of weeks ago, Farhad Manjoo instructed us that we have no legitimate reason not to be on Facebook. Now he informs his readers that “If you’re still tied to a desktop app — whether Outlook, the Mac’s Mail program, or anything else that sees your local hard drive, rather than a Web server, as its brain — then you’re doing it wrong.”

I’ve made my views on Facebook known, but I adore Gmail and wouldn’t go back to a desktop email app at gunpoint. What I’d like to know is this: Who died and made Farhad Manjoo Commander-in-Chief? I prefer tech columnists to give me information; I don’t really mind when they give me advice; but when they start actually telling me what to do and what not to do, I am rather inclined to demur. Therefore, I hereby declare my independence from Farhad Manjoo! Give me liberty or give me death! Do your worst, Manjoo: I defy you.

UPDATE: But you all understand that this doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning Gmail, right? Just want to be clear about that.