The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Gunshots

Rumor has it some (possibly brilliant) maniac is thinking about making a Broadway musical based on the Dirty Harry sequel Magnum Force. I couldn’t say whether this is a good idea or not, but it might make for some fun music. What a job! “Here. Write lyrics to a Dirty Harry musical.” Um, OK?

They call him Dirty Harry!
He gives no sanctuary
He’s very very scary
To punks like Dick and Larry!

Go ahead, make his day.
Watch him blow you away.
Looks like you got a lotta spunk:
Are you feelin’ lucky punk?

They call him Dirty Harry!
You’d better be wary
He’ll bust your capillary
For bein’ contrary

He wears herringbone
and he’s gonna make you groan
As he puts you on the floor
With his Magnum 44.

OK, it’s a work in progress. But you have to start somewhere. I might spend more time on this later on the week.