News I Can Use

I haven’t spotted Ezra Dyer in the New York Times auto section for a while, but he’s back, in fine form, reviewing a Japanese car — his life’s true calling.

In Acura’s case, the “power plenum” design idiom works for the MDX and RDX crossovers, but its naked, futuristic aggression doesn’t sit right with the sedans. A sedan’s grille should not look like a weapon used by ninjas from the year 2350.

[…] the TL might prove to be a hit, a tech-forward performance sedan whose sales numbers eventually validate its challenging aesthetics.

Or Acura might slap a new grille on it in a year or two and lay blame for this whole “power plenum” business where it rightly belongs: with the ninjas from the future.

I recommend chronojingoism as well in our struggle to assign responsibility for the nation’s economic downturn. If it wasn’t for our children and grandchildren, we wouldn’t be in this mess.