Taper Legged Blues

As James Joyner intimates, George Will’s contempt for jeans is really stupid. As a self-styled public intellectual unafraid of dripping contempt on other people’s aesthetic choices, I feel relatively safe in being heard in the spirit I’m speaking on this. Not the blue jean but the light-washed, taper-legged blue jean is the real social problem in America — exacerbated gravely by the pairing of said taper-legs with big clunky white ‘athletic’ shoes of the sort routinely worn by our decidedly unathletic.

Yet, notably, this getup was all the rage among girls in the ’80s (cf. Demi Moore in About Last Night…). As hideous as it might have been even in that context, somehow it was less of an issue. What can’t girls pull off? The problem is that men don’t look manly enough in this getup; the question is whether they can in jeans of any kind; and the answer is yes.

The real venom should be sprayed in the general direction of khakis and chinos, especially ones with pleats. A story for another day.