A Scurrilous Charge

Spencer Ackerman, who is from my Brooklyn neighborhood, which I like to think we both represent to the fullest extent, writes:

I’m waiting on an edit for my Holbrooke testimony write-up and am wiling away the time by listening to some new (or new-to-me) music from Angel Deradoorian, who provides the wonderful ethereal female vocals for the Dirty Projectors. You can check out her Mind Raft EP here. A friend who is decidedly not the unhelpful-and-scrupulously-law-abiding Reihan Salam passed along the forthcoming Bitte Orca LP from the Dirty Projectors last week, and it’s as excellent as you may or may not have heard.

Briefly, I’ll just point out that I offered to let Spencer listen to my copy if he promised not to pass it along. I honor my contractual agreements! But Ackerman already had the hook-up. I intend to buy multiple copies of Bitte Orca. What better gift for Mother’s Day 2010? (The album comes out in June.) The last time I saw my parents, I made them listen to several Dirty Projectors and Bat for Lashes tracks. They loved the music. It transcends generational divides!

Deradoorian sings the beautiful song “Two Doves” on Bitte Orca. But I have to say, I’m more of an Amber Coffman man. “But Reihan — that’s just because she looks amazing in jean shorts." I really, really resent that. Not even the most flattering jean shorts can compromise my adamantine critical integrity.