Kill For Him the Fatted Calf, OK, But Would You Give Him His Own Credit Card?

Speaking of Steve Sailer I see that his suspicions about the identity of Spengler have been confirmed. Check out David Goldman’s Confession in First Things where he is now an associate editor.

Apropos of which, the following aside. A great number of passionate advocates of one or another ideology either have been advocates of some other ideology in the past or will become such in the future. In general, the trend is from some kind of radical commitment (whether of the left or the right) towards some more cautious orientation (whether conservative or liberal), but nearly as frequently the movement is from one kind of radicalism to another. I’ve certainly changed my mind about a lot of things over the years, but all that’s done is made it harder for me to be a big ideological advocate of any kind and more interested in criticism, less confident in my own judgments and also less confident in other people’s judgments. But that doesn’t seem to be the general way this sort of thing works.