Questions for Andy McCarthy

A few days ago, Andy McCarthy wrote:

American soldiers, American civilians, and other innocent people are going to die because Pres. Barack Obama wants to release photographs of prisoner abuse.

The Obama Administration subsequently decided against releasing the photos. But I see tonight, via Drudge, that graphic new prisoner abuse photos are making news.

Should Mr. McCarthy read this post, I’ve got a question: shouldn’t this cause you to revisit your thinking about the strategic wisdom of what you call enhanced interrogation techniques? After all, these photos having been made public, your position is that innocent Americans are going to die. This despite the fact that our government actively tried to suppress the photos.

This sounds an awful lot like the arguments advanced by some torture opponents, who assert that evidence of brutality is always going to get out, and that the backlash undermines our safety more meaningfully than any information gained enhances it.

Were Americans to continue waterboarding detainees, slamming their heads into walls, shackling them naked on the floor, etc., are you really confident that images of these acts would never leak? How can you be so certain that the Obama Administration’s release of those photos would’ve made us less safe due to the backlash, and so confident that “enhanced interrogation techniques” won’t provoke a backlash as dangerous?