Why People Mistrust Supreme Court Justices

IMHO, this is the best insight from the JP vs. MY conversation on Bloggingheads:

In sum, an enjoyable and thought-provoking diavlog. Certain segments bring me back to the days when James, Peter, Joe Carter and I would argue about gay marriage at the C11 office. Though James and I disagree on that subject, I somehow always gleaned fresh insights from his arguments, despite the fact that I’d long since talked the issue to death with others. Indeed, I always feared that I gave insufficient appreciation to James’ rhetoric. When he’s on a roll, I’m only smart enough to understand it at an 85 percent level, unless I can listen to his words a second time—at which point they inevitably make subtle and astute sense. If James and Reihan ever face off I’m going to watch it at the slow speed.