Mark Levinsane Strikes Again

So thanks to this half-assed attempt at humor, I seem to have joined my colleague Mr. “Friedersdork” on the list of guys with websites whom Mark Levin most loves to hate. So far as I can tell, though, the process that led to this decision involved little more than Levin – or an assistant, perhaps – doing a Google search for recent mentions of the Unmockable One, coming up with clever ways to make fun of my name and affiliation (Schmuckler! Perversative! OMGROTFLMFAO!), and then adding me to the roster straightaway. (Apparently the best way to combat the deranged is to drum up some free traffic for them.) To which I can only ask, really? I mean, we’re supposed to be putting together a list of The World’s Most Deranged Bloggers, and this is all that’s involved in the vetting process? Shouldn’t there be, like, a considered ruling by some sort of panel of experts on blogospheric derangement, or at least a more careful review of the potential candidates’ bodies of work?

I used to think inclusion on this list really meant something, but this kind of thing makes me wonder whether Rod is actually such a “Crunchy Conman” after all.