Conor's Reform Guide to Wedding Etiquette

Attire for the bridal party is a particularly fraught topic at modern weddings — it is proper that the bride choose a color palette for her nuptials, and that the bridesmaid dresses conform to it, but we regard the tradition of picking a single style for every member of the bridal party to be outmoded. One’s closest friends invariably differ in body type. A cut that flatters one woman can easily render another uncomfortable standing on an altar before a crowd of friends and strangers.

Our preferred solution is a dress that is available in various cuts, allowing each bridesmaid to flatter their form while maintaining a degree of uniformity befitting the occasion.

In our estimation the bride’s decision to respect the stylistic preferences of her friends only accentuated her enjoyment of the wedding day.

(Note to commenters — I will ruthlessly delete any critical remarks about the women pictured in the photograph above. An etiquette guide demands civilized behavior if is to survive.)