This Is Starting to Make My Head Hurt

On Big Government, the latest undercover video portrays an ACORN staffer actually offering to help smuggle the underage El Salvadoran girls across the Mexican border using his Tijuana contacts. Is there no end to this? Amused as I am by the whole escapade, it is unsettling to watch day after day as people confronted with history’s least convincing fake pimp react in utterly inexplicable ways. Talk about the banality of evil. You’re working at your office, where you mostly deal with poor immigrants who need help doing tedious paperwork. A guy who seems like he’s college educated comes out of central casting’s “cartoonish parody of pimp” department, and says he’s got some adolescent sex slaves South of the Border. Under what circumstances do you say, Oh, Tijuana’s the best place to stage this operation — here’s my private number, get back to me after I have time to call my coyote hookup.

The non-profit’s leadership is understandably paralyzed — how can they know what defense to offer when anything they say might be disproved by more damaging footage on tomorrow’s Inter-webs? At this point it’s going to take a sting involving flight training and a “militant Saudi friend” to surprise me. Normally when someone commits a crime, serial killers excepted, I can at least conceive of why someone might behave in that fashion. Am I missing something here?