On Letting Your Adversaries Define You

Mark Steyn:

The media would like the American right to be represented by the likes of Bob Dole and John McCain, decent old sticks who know how to give dignified concession speeches. Last time round, we went along with their recommendation. If you want to get rave reviews for losing gracefully, that’s the way to go. If you want to win, look at whom the Democrats and their media chums are so frantic to destroy: That’s the better guide to what they’re really worried about.

Ah yes, Republican primary voters didn’t choose John McCain because he appealed to them most among the candidates — they cast their votes for him because they went along with the media’s recommendation. Instead, they should’ve voted for the guy the Democrats and left-friendly media most wanted to destroy — so basically, Tom Tancredo versus Barack Obama would’ve been the best bet, by Mark Steyn’s logic. Who does the media most want to destroy prior to 2012? I’m guessing it’s Sarah Palin. Does anyone want to bet on how her nomination would work out for the right?