No Idea What They're Talking About

Julian Sanchez is very well-versed in the PATRIOT act, and national security law generally. He’s also one of a depressingly small number of writers who never writes stuff he doesn’t believe. Below he methodically explains how FOX News misinforms its viewers about the debate over reforms to the law. Note that in this example, the network’s inaccuracies effectively make its audience unnecessarily frightened about national security — and that as a result they’re likely to oppose measures that safeguard the civil rights of citizens. On this issue, it’s the conservative media that is propagandizing “against freedom,” as they say at the Tea Parties.

Also see him fisk Dick Morris and Eileen McGann:

Seriously, it’s one thing to be wrong on an issue, or even to make an error or two in the course of a column. It’s quite another to purport to inform people about a topic without doing the kind of elementary research you’d expect from a half-bright high-schooler turning in a homework assignment. Aren’t any of the site’s visitors even a little offended by this level of brazen contempt for the audience?