The GOP Speaks

You’ve followed the national debate within the Republican Party about the political tactics it ought to use in an effort to better the country, retake Congress and challenge President Obama for the White House in 2012. But what do Republicans at the local level think?

I got curious, so I started e-mailing a questionnaire to various Republican Party County Chairmen — ultimately I hope to reach them all. I’ve only sent e-mails to folks listed on an official GOP home page as a state chairman, a county chairman, a county vice-chairman, or a member of the county executive committee. (If anyone ever catches someone who doesn’t fit that bill featured on the site please let me know so I can remove them.)

The responses are reprinted exactly as they arrived in my In-box.

The questions I posed are here. I chose them because they reflect some of the most controversial issues roiling the national debate, though there were many more I would’ve included if brevity weren’t so important for getting responses. The main site is here. It’s bare bones but functional. I’ve posted ten responses thus far in random order. As yet I am not fixing grammar or spelling. It’s just too time consuming at the moment. Maybe I’ll get to it eventually. Meanwhile go easy on the spelling and grammatical errors. They aren’t the point, and lots of folks are informal in their e-mails.