The Gitmo Three Update

Readers who followed the debate about the Gitmo three should be aware that Slate’s estimable media critic Jack Shafer addressed the subject here. Mr. Shafer agrees with Joe Carter that the theory advanced by Scott Horton in Harper’s Magazine is seriously flawed. I am on the road reading and blogging by iPhone, so I cannot weigh in at length until I’ve gone back over everything, including a couple posts by Mr. Carter that I’d missed (they’re linked in the Slate piece). I do want to say that nothing I’ve read critiquing Mr. Horton’s piece mounts a persuasive argument that the official narrative of the Gitmo three is plausible. Perhaps all the speculation about what really happened is wrongheaded — if so Mr. Carter and Mr. Shafer are absolutely right to say so — but the strangeness of the official narrative nevertheless calls for further inquiry. In any case, do look at the additional work done by Mr. Shafer and Mr. Carter between now and whenever I can revisit this.

I am going to eat some Alabama barbecue now.