What About the Innocents?

Over at True/Slant, I rebut the latest from Andrew McCarthy, the National Review writer who is one step away from declaring the lawyers for Gitmo detainees to be enemy combatants.

An excerpt:

Andrew McCarthy continues to write as though every detainee ever held at Guantanamo Bay is a member of al Qaeda. Nowhere does he acknowledge that some people designated as enemy combatants by the Bush Administration were actually innocent, or that some of the lawyers he is maligning deserve credit for helping to free innocent men. Had Mr. McCarthy’s preferred policies remained in effect, these innocent men would still be rotting in a Gitmo prison cell today. In that way, he transgresses against the core American principle that all men are endowed by their creator with an inalienable right to liberty.
Mr. McCarthy’s writing on detainee issues would be far more intellectually honest if he acknowledged rather than elided the existence of these innocent people.

The rest is here. It tackles specific passages in recent posts by Mr. McCarthy, and quotes him making one of the most odious statements I’ve ever seen in mainstream political discourse. His rhetoric is getting so extreme that even Mark Levin can’t believe it.