Notes Towards a Policy Platform: Part VI - deferred

My last topic was going to be education, but I need to pick up my son. And, unfortunately, I won’t have time later. And starting tomorrow I’m taking Robert McKee’s famous Story Seminar, so I won’t have any time to write.

And I need to do more work before writing about education. This is a topic where I know more than most of what I yabber about, given my involvement on the board of a charter school, but precisely because I know more I almost know too much to be really coherent. And, as well, I feel like I haven’t fully grappled with Diane Ravitch’s latest arguments on the subject, and since nobody knows more than she does I really can’t open my mouth until I’ve figured out where I agree with her and, when I disagree, why.

So this topic is deferred, but not abandoned.

Oh, and in answer to your unspoken question: yes, I finished the screenplay (2 drafts), and yes, that’s why I suddenly am doing a bunch of blogging. Not promising to continue at this pace; indeed, I suspect that when I start getting feedback, and see what I need to change, I’m going to drop off the face of the earth again. Or, if I don’t need to make major changes to this screenplay, when I start working on the next one (which could be pretty soon).

But I’m back for now. And when I leave again, I won’t be gone for good.

And now, if anyone knows a producer they’d be willing to introduce me to . . .