Dan Riehl defends Andrew Breitbart's slander of Shirley Sherrod

without so much as addressing the fact that the videos Breitbart posted were edited in a way that took the controversial remarks entirely out of context. Here’s the entirety of Riehl’s summary of what Sherrod had to say to the NAACP:

At approximately 17 minutes into the now-released full video of the event, Sherrod can be heard relaying a tale from her past in which she initially failed to help a white farmer with the full effort she would reserve for a black farmer.

The assembled crowd of card-carrying members of the NAACP took great pleasure in that, their laughter was not nervous at all. That is a contemporaneous expression of racism by today’s politically correct standards, not racism from some 40 years ago.

Sherrod later says, “It’s not so much about white…” then catches herself and says, “It IS about white and black.” Perhaps Sherrod should explain why, even today, color is so centrally important in her work, be it at the Agriculture Department or elsewhere.

In other news, I am in possession of a Human Events column in which Dan Riehl, conservative blogger, lays out in stark detail, that he consistently views the world through the prism of race and class distinctions. Here are some key remarks:

“It IS about white and black.”

… no one is allowed to object to a significant Obama-supported policy change impacting the healthcare of all Americans without being labeled a racist.

… everything is all and only about race.

Evil capitalists are at the top, exploiting racist divisions to maintain control. … whites were deliberately propped up to make them feel superior to blacks … Blacks then bring up the rear, seemingly oppressed by all. … what is needed is the type of government-dictated economy more like a Marxist state, than the America we know and live in today.

But really, all of this is less about the racism of Dan Riehl than that of those who read him.