A Short Adventure Somewhere

Before my girlfriend and I sign a lease in Los Angeles or San Francisco later this year, we’ve decided to take advantage of the fact that we’re both able to work remotely for the moment by spending a month or two somewhere else — we’ve talked about Vancouver or Seattle or Portland or Sonoma or Big Sur or San Louis Obispo or Ojai or Austin or Oahu or Costa Rica.

Ours is a flexible plan. Were a friend to say tomorrow, “Would you house sit for me this October? I’ve got a lovely balcony that gives a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean,” we’d be inclined to go wherever it was. We require only wireless Internet so that we can do our work and a location that allows us to bring Isabel, my girlfriend’s dog, whose dimensions are as follows:

We are flexible on rent, equally amendable to city and country, slightly prefer somewhere we can drive but are open to flying, and inclined to seize any particularly attractive opportunity that presents itself: a chance to stay somewhere during a festival or a cheap sublet or a guest house with an owner who fancies having a writer in residence or an avocado grove that needs tending or a cozy yurt set down on a beach somewhere, etc.

So I ask you, readers of The American Scene: have you suggestions, leads, warnings, advice, stories about doing something similar, empty condos on the Hawaiian islands, or any other information of interest?