Extortionists And Heroes

The latest in the public employee compensation debate, courtesy of a wit unknown speaking through xtranormal:

I’ve never seen anything like that video. I’m not endorsing it entirely. Firefighters are compensated by local governments. Some have secured deals that border on extortion. Others not so much. Nor is “extortionist” and “hero” mutually exclusive. The most well paid firefighters in the country may well be among the most brave and accomplished in life-saving.

It’s passed along mostly because the changing image of firefighters in the public mind is noteworthy, and somewhat deserved. I wonder how widespread it will become. I’ve definitely met firefighters like the one portrayed in the video: heroes whose unions had used unsavory tactics to negotiate absurd pay packages that pushed their municipalities toward bankruptcy. In California, if pension reform doesn’t happen in the next five years or so, voters are going to do it at the ballot box.

I’ll be among them.