Mike Konczal Makes Cool Venn Diagrams

Check ‘em out.

Based on what I’ve written before, I agree with some combination of the lower-right segments of both the demand-side and supply-side charts: I think we need to tackle the overhang of consumer debt directly (rather than by trying to reinflate the housing bubble through monetary policy) and I think we need to take actions to improve labor productivity, which means putting people directly back to work (nobody is less productive than somebody unemployed), investing in human and physical capital, and identifying ways to reduce friction in the labor market (some of which will mean changing or even increasing the way government intervenes – for example, in the health insurance market – and some of which will mean the opposite, reducing regulations of various sorts).

I’m more skeptical of the top side of the demand-side chart (what we need is more inflation) and much more skeptical of the left side of the supply-side chart (basically, explanations that blame the Obama Administration’s responses for increasing “uncertainty”).