A Thank You to The Folks Who Made This Site Possible

Whether this is going to be a fallow season for The American Scene, or its end, or if there will be new posts up tomorrow (for a site with PEG and John Schwenkler and Matt Feeney would be formidable!), I have no idea, but it strikes me as an appropriate moment to offer a few thank yous:

– To Reihan Salam, for somehow managing to attract a constellation of writers who would collectively orbit no one but him, and for permitting me the privilege of taking part.

– To everyone who began blogging here at the beginning, especially Ross Douthat, whose approach to public discourse has been a model to me and many others, even when he was just starting out.

– To Matt Frost, for keeping the site running.

– To the writers with whom I shared TAS: James Poulos and Peter Suderman (Culture11 never would’ve existed as it did if not for this site), Alan Jacobs, Noah Millman, Jim Manzi, Matt Feeney, John Schwenkler, Matt Frost, PEG, Reihan, and briefly, David Sessions, Graeame Wood and Dara Lind. I’d pay to read any of you, and it’s been such a pleasure to share digital space with your work, I hope not for the last time. (After I post this I will pay to read Alan Jacobs, whose latest project is available for purchase — go here for a description).

Since I may well post again myself one day (how long I’ve had a short story in mind for this space that I haven’t had time to finish), I’ll refrain from making this any longer, except to say that TAS has meant so much to me that I don’t think I’ll be up for articulating just how much for a very long time. In closing, thanks to some of the commenters too.